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Where does your Business Stand?

You might just be waisting your time,

find out if you are!

Simultaneously maintaining multiple social media channels gets complicated, annoying and stressful simply for the fact that it's an actual separate job within its self. Many people believe that by posting a new picture once in a while with a catchy caption and a few hash tags is all it takes to "maintain" them. That's the first thing you should not be doing! If you release a post with no additional direction for it to go in then consider it all just a waste of time. Throwing a random post out can also mislead your audience to believe that your media channel is just a bunch of spam.

What you should do is...

Strategize a rough draft starting with your main purpose. Configure a "monster" (where all posts from every social media will eventually meet). Use every media channel in its own resourceful way. For example using Instagram is the platform you should use to express the face of your product to your audience all by using a photo. A picture is worth a thousand words! If you want to get real geeky, our Klout tech analysts break down a photo based on quality of the content, the value of what genre the photo represents & even the reaction to the colors used in the photo or video. Thats just one reason why the Klout Network is so valuable to your company but we'll get to that another time. Twitter is your billboard, you can distribute all of your url links and media content there. Monetizing it in the specific order is the tricky part, luckily we got you covered!

How do you tie it all together? Tumblr is a great place to really summarize your entire campaign. Start with a powerful title, explain in a paragraph or two what your product or service consists of and why they should choose a product such as yours rather than your competitors. Attach a photo or even better multiple photos of your product that will steal the consumers attention. Be sure to tag your post with only relevant content that exists in your actual post, tumblr only credits the first ten tags. Submit your post to the public and one last thing. Follow it up with a "Link" post that will allow viewers to simply click one button and be landing on your site.

Now after consuming that significantly valuable marketing tip, ask yourself "Are you are properly managing your social media platforms?"

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