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Have you been to one of these top rated #Smoothie / #Juice Bars ?

After visiting over 50 of the so claimed best juice & smoothie bars in the USA, we have narrowed it down to what we believe are the Five BEST quality spots you must try!

Coming in at #1 is PureVida in Miami, Florida was an absolute grand slam. Their juices are freshly made to order. The menu delivers a taste that mostly all people will be able to find a favorite from. Not only is PuraVida an unbelievable juice bar but the food that is served is fabulous! You will enjoy drinking every last sip leaving nothing to go to waste.

PuraVIDA, Juice and smoothie business in Miami

#2 on our list is not a store front... this means that you can order from anywhere in the USA! Raw Generation is by far one of the best juice companies that exist on in the industry. They ship their healthy 100% juice drinks country wide no matter where you may be located at. Their concentration behind their brand is #Quality! NEVER heated, Pasteurized, or Pressurized leaving this leading juice drink to remain raw! Give it a try, we don't think you will be able to disagree with our opinion.

Raw Generation is a healthy juice company located in New Jersey

The BIG #3 Smoothie Place that you must try is Liquiteria! Located in New York City and is already known as the cities best juice bar! Every individual drink offered by them has a reason behind it. Their juices not only taste great but are the perfect formula to energize your body! Depending on your mood, you can either go with the juicy flavors or towards the morning pleasers like their mouth watering coffee almond milk drink. It consists of cold brew coffee, vanilla almond milk, banana and maple syrup. Everybody takes a trip to New York City, so be sure to make the stop that is well worth your time and health!

Liquiteria is the best Juice bar in New York City

Coming in at the #4 position on our list of best Smoothie and Juice bars in the USA is Millie's Living Cafe located in a quaint city in Lynchburg Virginia. One of the most important things that make Millie's stand out is that they use the perfect amount of each ingredient per drink! If you were to ask what is better their juices or smoothies, we would say it's a tie. This is something that all juice businesses should pay more attention to. Choose from many of their custom creations, & you are guaranteed to find the one that suites your daily juice crave!

Millie's Living Cafe, Juice Bar in Virginia, fresh juices and smoothies

Squeeze the Juice Company came in at #5 on our list of best Juices & smoothies! At squeeze they have their menus built around the way that you feel that day. You are probably asking yourself "how would they know how i'm feeling today." They create their drinks based on multiple moods such as thirst quenching, energetic, fruity, light, or even a thicker type of smoothie that will bring delight in your downed days. Pick the one that suites your feelings for the day. Squeeze the juice company covers almost all locations in the Boston area, stop by and let them know that you heard about them from KloutMEDIA.

Squeeze Juice company is located in Boston Massachusetts

Now that you know the top five juice and smoothie bars in the USA, check out the five best Pizzerias in America! There's a good chance that you have already visited one of the five. Go ahead and take a look to see how they tally up.

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