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Reviews... This is who you take the advice from!

                             -Here you have a wide variety of professional business owners who are giving you their feedback since joining our network. They all used Klout MEDIA to better their business!

- I am beyond happy with my choice to use Klout Media for my facebook page! I haven't closed a sale from the referrals, but I have shown a handful of houses and rented three units!

Irene M.
Realestate Agent

- Klout, you guys showed us another side of our business that we never began to look for. Incredible job and outstanding staff, keep the cases rolling in! 

John Lee

- The cookie lady has been busy in the kitchen. I might just have to leave the oven on. The most noticable thing about your company is the time you put into each one of my posts. Do you have a genius working there or something? I love your service and couldn't ask for a better relationship with my rep.

Suzie J.

- First thing is first, the amount of impressions on my website have nearly doubled. My email data-base is growing much quicker than I expected it to. Lastly, I admit that I am already excited to see next months results.

Marcus W.
Web Developer

- Unfortunately, I was late in the game realizing the potential of social media. I wasted hundred's if not thousands of dollar's hiring staff to place flyers on residential home's for my window treatment company. Klout media goes the extra mile to seek out my potential clientele, they even co mingle my company with the local real estate brokers in my area. Great circle to be in, I would recommend Klout any day of the year!

Nathan D, 
Window Treatment

- I would like to take a minute to commend Gina & her team for the remarkable effort in supplying my practice with the Pro social media package. I was leaning towards the Classic package but Gina explained the pros & cons between the two and I don't regret my choice. 

Hannah E.

- Thank's team for bringing my SEO rank to the second page on google.  We love your bi-weekly break down of our media campaigns and couldn't ask for a more ambitious company to have control of our social medias. 

Dr. Ahbita K.
Internal Medicine

- I have recently signed up with Klout Media just a few months back. They treat myself along with my co-workers as if we are all one big team. Their work ethic is prestige and the customer support is on point. Thank you Klout.

Taylor P.
Printing Contractor
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