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"SocialMedia" is a FULL time J O B !

Consistency is important when it comes to managing a quality social media!

54% of People forget to update their social media!

If you are one of the 54% don't feel bad, just know that you need immediate social media assistance. The average "SM" user has two different "SM" platforms and only looks at one of the two daily. Now imagine your customers coming to see your website and it is shut down 46% of the time. Do you really think that they will be coming back for a second time? We can't emphasize on how important it is to make your brand available to the customer 24/7.

So now back to you being one of the many people who don't update your social media platforms daily, jump over the fence and be one of the people who do update your "SM" daily! If you do so, you will be capitalizing on the 54% of the people who are not actively using social media to full potential.

30 days later you have been updating your "SM" feed actively... Do you find yourself doing more browsing then updating? I think you do, because majority of business's who do not have a professional Social Media company backing them fall into the "browsing" category. It is so easy to get distracted while you are searching very similar content that you are providing. For example- Say you have a car that you want to sell... While you are listing your car for sale, you are also thinking about the new car that you want to buy. Next thing you know, you are on AutoTrader searching for your next car that you are excited to get into.

Even when you are updating your posts consistantly, do you really know exactly how to engage your customer to see positive results? If you do then you are a pro! If not, then hire the best social media professionals who offer the lowest price on the internet! It's not a hard choice, we'll let our clients results speak for us.

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