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Welcome to our "Elite" Package...

The "Elite Package" is the icing on the cake!
       If you are trying to be the shining star or dominate the market, then the Elite Package is your calling! Capturing the viewers attention is your goal. Allowing your audience to find you in numerous locations such as Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+ and FaceBook is proving to them that you have true quality behind your name! The Elite package is worth EVERY Penny!
About Elite-
5 Premium Social Media's
-We use our top five social media platforms that we offer. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr & Pinterest. 

20 Posts including Captions

- We post 20 Photos & Captions of your choice. You submit the content to us and we strategically release it accordingly with the traffic demand. We also offer you the option to have us generate content based around your business genre with an additional fee of $199.

2 Precise Targeted Engagements

- Our marketing genius's will post two ad's that are precisely targeted to go in

front of your customers eye's. Our professional analyst's search to find out who your customer exactly is, then strategize how and where they will be engaged by your precisely targeted post. 

(Example- If you own a pizza parlor in New York, we will find the local customs who are here on the internet that eat pizza in your area. Then we will engage in your local competitions network. Find out who your local customer is that you are not already reaching and display your brand in front of their eyes.)

1 Intertwining Post

- We use all five of your social medias together to boost your following. We
intertwine links that back-feed to your other social media's.
(Example- If somebody enjoys FaceBook more than Twitter but yet come across your media on twitter. This will allow them to see that you have a FaceBook page and simply click on the FaceBook link.)

6 Custom Post from Our Social Media 

- Klout will create six custom posts that are structured around your companies current needs, then share it on our Social Media platforms. This will greatly help your clout reach another magnitude! 




5 Social Medias + 20 Posts per social media = 100 Posts


5 Social Medias + 2 Precise Targeted Engagements per social media = 10 Posts 


5 Social Medias + 1 Intertwining Post per social media = 5 Posts


+ 6 Custom Posts from our Media Account!


= 121 Professional Posts per 30 days




The best Social Media Package that KloutMEDIA offers! FaceBook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, & pinterest professionals.
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