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Best PIZZA in the USA!

There are hundreds on thousands of pizzerias through out the county.

I think we can all agree that not all of them are quite so good, most likely there are numerous pizza places that we will never be visiting again. Those are the ones that know body ever talks about nor remembers to even talk about, so lets put those behind us and get to the best rated pizzerias in the USA!

Lombardia pizzeria, famous pizza

Since we visited New York first, lets tell you a little bit about Lombardi's Pizzeria. The first ever registered pizzeria in America is Lombardi's Pizzeria, it was established in 1905 in New York City on Spring Street. Their pizza is absolutely delicious! They cook it so precisely to where the bottom of your pizza is crisped to the perfect amount so that it doesn't collapse while biting into it. Curious about their menu, check out Lombardi's to see what the first pizzeria in the USA has to offer!

Grimaldi's Pizzeria, Brooklyn Pizza,

An amazing land marked Pizzeria in Brooklyn New York is Grimaldi's! When we state the word amazing... We really mean AMAZING PIZZA! Their tomato sauce is delicious with a special blend of seasoning and the secret dough ingredient solves all your hunger problems. The thin crust pizza ranked very high in our opinion, be sure to add it to your order! Next time you are in Brooklyn be sure to have lunch at Grimaldi's!

Roberta's Pizzeria, Brooklyn NewYork,

This next Pizzeria serves up a mind blowing pizza! From parking then walking into Roberta's Pizzeria I never would have expected them to serve some of the best pizza in the country! One of our colleagues here at Klout asked the team to critique their margarita pizza. We all came to conclusion that there would be no better way to make the pie. Perfect amount of sauce as there was cheese and not to much dough per bite, doesn't get better than that! Next occasion out with friends, make sure to mention Roberta's Pizzeria as your top choice.

Philly Pizza, PizzeriaVetri,

Heading south to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to try out a well branded family owned business that goes by the name Pizzeria Vetri. They were exposed in GQ magazine as one of the countries top 25 best new restaurants in 2014! We had to make the visit and try it out for ourselves! Not only was it a pizzeria, it was an entire Italian restaurant serving up many different plates. We ordered two Margherita pies & one Marinara pie. The pizza is cooked in a wood-fired Renato oven that cooks the pizza to completion within just a few minutes! The dough is crisped on the outside and lightly doughy in the inside, they came out great. We would proudly say that the pizza is excellent and would choose Pizzeria Vetri over most Italian restaurants out there.

Giordano's Pizza, Chicago Deep Dish Pizza,

Traveling around Chicago any time soon? We recommend that you try the Deep Dish Pizza from Giordano's Famous stuffed Pizzeria! This deep dish pizza will be one of if not the best pizza's you have ever had in Chicago Illinois! They always say that Chicago is known for the famous "Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza", it is different than the New York style pizza. Once you try it for yourself you will then understand what we mean by their own style. Amongst all Chicago's Pizzerias, Giordano's ranked one of the best when it comes to customer ratings.

Want to know other best rated places in the country? Check out our Instagram or Twitter Page to see them right now!

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