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The "Correct" way to choose the proper credit card processing company.

After running a 8 month campaign that focused precisely on credit card processing companies that conduct business with a large diversified market, We would like to say proudly that we choose "Square" as our first go to form of processing.

Why? Square does not submit you into any credit check that will leave a negative strike on your credit report "Inquiries" (credit inquire takes 24 months to be removed from your credit history). No monthly fees and in-exchange for a roughly give or take .05 % differences not before you factor in having to pay a different processing company their monthly fee on top of their percentage that they take. It really comes out to being a positive financial choice by going with Square.

Once you are fully established and generating a significant number of funds, then it's worth taking the time to find a competitive merchant / processing company. You will eventually come to find that a third party processing company may supply you with better rates then you are currently receiving and in the long term your business will be saving a good amount of money.

Build your business with a very sturdy structure so that you won't have to go back frequently to make repairs!

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