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Classic Package

Classic Package

The "Classic Package" is the most well structured single social media package that we offer!

       It is your very first and the most customized single Social Media that will reach your customer's here on the internet. Plus its only $859 /month!

The "Classic Package" is the most well structured single social media package that we offer!

2 Premium Social Media Platforms

- You Select two Social Media platforms of your choice. Of course we will give you our professional input into your decision based around what we believe will best benefit your business.  

30 Posts including Captions

-We post 15 Photo's per social media with the captions of your choice. You submit the content to us and we strategically release it accordingly with the traffic demand.  We also offer you the option to have us generate content based around your business genre with an additional fee of $99.

1 Precise Targeted Engagements

- Our marketing genius's will post one add that is precisely targeted to go in front of your customers eye's. Our professional analyst's search to find out who your customer exactly is, then strategize how and where they will be engaged by your precisely targeted post. (Example- If you own a pizza parlor in New York, we will find the local customs who are here on the internet that eat pizza in your area. Then we will engage in your local competitions network. Find out who your local customer is that you are not already reaching and display your brand in front of their eyes.)

3 Custom Posts from Klouts' Social Media

- Klout will create three custom posts that are structured around your companies current needs, then share it on our Social Media platforms. This will greatly help your clout reach another magnitude! ​


2 Social Medias + 15 Posts per social media = 30 Posts

2 Social Medias + 1 Precise Targeted Engagement per social media = 2 Posts

+ 2 Custom Posts from Klouts' Social Media Accounts!

= 34 Professional Posts per 30 days

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